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Fitting Services

Due to safety concerns Pedal Power has chosen to suspend its Fitting Service until further notice. 

Thanks for your understanding.

Bike fit in progress

What To Expect

     Both the Existing and Custom fittings start off with a personal interview to familiarize the fitting technician with your riding goals and habits, any problem areas with your current fit, and any prior injuries.

     Then the fitter performs a physical assesment, measuring both your flexibility and key proportions.

     Next your riding position is analyzed on either your current bike or the Serotta Size Cycle and adjustments are made as necessary. The new position is then documented as a reference for the fitter and you.

How Will You Benefit?

     It depends on how you ride, but common reasons for getting  a fitting done are to increase comfort, efficiency, and power output, as well as to avoid injury.

     Riding a bicycle shouldn’t be painful.   A bike is a highly adjustable machine, and small changes to your position can make a big difference in comfort. Additionally, we have a variety of test saddles for you to try out and evaluate to ensure that you are riding on one that suits your individual needs.

     A comfortable cyclist will inherently be more efficient. Your fitting technician will also ensure that you are in a position that will best utilize your power output.

     Verifying that you are in the right position on your bike can also reduce the risk of strain or injury. A recreational rider on a moderate length ride will easily do thousands of repetitions of the same motion during the course of one ride. Riding in an improper stance can easily cause unnecessary strain on your body.

Advanced Bike Fit 

Basic Bike Fit 

Advanced Cleat and Pedal Adjustment

Saddle Sizing

Call (859-255-6408) for pricing and to schedule an appointment.