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Salsa electric bikes are all about more per hour: more miles, more experiences, more fun. Leave no free afternoon, no second trail lap, no scenic gravel road unridden. With e-specific design and our proven adventure-ready features, you’ll do more by bike than you ever thought possible. That’s the power of Adventure by Bike.

Class 1 20mph Pedal Assist
250 watt hour
45 mile range
Mahle X35+ system
4 models


Confluence is Salsa’s light electric gravel bike. It’s made for the people who want to squeeze more adventure into each day. Chase gravel with 40 Nm assist, on-bike cargo features for any mission, and geometry designed for comfort and stability — all in a bike that looks like, well, a bike. Confluence is where capability meets convenience.

Class 3 28mph Pedal Assist
625 watt hour
72 mile range
Bosch performance
2 models


Tributary is Salsa’s electric rugged-road adventure bike. We designed it to devour big, burly dirt routes with speed and stability. Tributary’s comfortable, balanced geometry and massive tire clearance roll smoothly at higher e-bike speeds. Intuitive assist and on-bike cargo let you tackle demanding bikepacking routes, explore vast networks of forest roads, or add miles to any adventure. Tributary will take you from front door to far-out.

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