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Here are the upcoming clinic dates and topics, hope to see you there! As always, clinics are offered free every other Saturday morning. If there is a particular topic you are interested in, drop us a line at and we'll try to schedule it in.

Pedal Power Clinics are back!! 

Trainers 101

Start the new year right! Come join us January 8th at 9:15 AM for our first clinic of 2022 covering all things bike trainers. If you just got a new trainer or have been curious about them, this clinic is for you. Topics covered: 

  • Types of trainers
  • Is my bike compatible with a trainer? 
  • Putting your bike on the trainer
  • Removing your bike from the trainer
  • Calibrating your bike to zwift/trainer
  • Power, speed, cadence, heart rateā€¦and why they matter!
  • Getting the most out of your trainer

If you have a trainer go ahead and bring it along with your bike. If you do not have a trainer you will still get great information out of the clinic and will have the opportunity to try some of the demo trainers in the shop.

The ABC's: Air, Brakes, Chain

Let's go back to basics with the ABC's! Come join us January 22nd at 9:15 AM for our clinic covering basic bike maintenance for safe riding year round. This clinic will cover how to determine and check your tires for the best air pressure for your riding style, check the function of your brakes, determine chain wear, and how to properly lube your chain. 

Clinics are subject to change due to demand at shop's discretion, feel free to call to verify dates.