Here are the upcoming clinic dates and topics, hope to see you there! As always clinics are offered free on Saturday mornings, show up at 9:00 AM to learn about various topics. If there is a particular topic you are interested in, drop us a line at and we'll try to schedule it in.

1/4 - Flat Changes

1/11 - Cold/Wet Weather Riding/Maintenance Tips

11/18 - Brake Maintenance 

1/25 - Suspension Maintenance/Set-Up

2/1- Flat Changes 

2/8 - Drivetrain Theory - how to shift your bike smooth like budda

2/15 - Drivetrain Lubrication - are you an under-luber or an over-luber?

2/22 - Understanding Wheel Truing

2/29 - Since It's Leap Year, Let's Talk Bunnyhopping.

Clinics are subject to change due to demand at shop's discretion, feel free to call to verify dates.