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Local Bike Trails

Legacy Trail

The Legacy trail is exclusively for bicycles, walkers and runners. (No motorized vehicles but electric bikes are permitted) For the full trail experience, start at Jefferson Street Coffee off of Jefferson street near West Sixth Brewing and continue on to the outskirts of the Kentucky Horse Park until you reach the county line. For a shorter trip with more parking options, use one of the many trailheads: North Lexington YMCA, Coldstream Park or The Kentucky Horse Park. The Legacy trail has a few rolling hills and bridge crossings. (mileage starting from the beginning to end one way is approximately 15)

Brighton Trail

The Brighton trail is Lexington’s newest bike trail and is perfect for the whole family! The terrain is mostly flat and straight, making it ideal for kids learning to ride. The newly finished bridge connects the trail to the Andover trails and there are continuing plans to add additional length of trail. This trail is exclusively for bikes, walkers and runners. No motorized vehicles but electric bikes are permitted. At one end of the trail is the entrance to the deer haven trails–dirt trails made for mountain bikes, but can also be ridden on a hybrid bike with wider tires. 

Deer Haven Park - (no map)

Deer Haven park is Lexingtons newest mountain bike trail built for the beginner and advanced rider alike! If you’re new to dirt trail riding, this is a great trail to explore and encounter all the things you would on a longer mountain bike trail. If you’re more advanced, use this trail to work on your technical riding skills. Total trail length is 2 miles with plans to add more. 

Veterans Park 

Fun and Flowy! Veterans Park is a great place to find your love for mountain biking. The Kentucky Mountain Bike Association works diligently to keep this trail maintained so we can enjoy it to its full potential. This trail is mostly flowy, but you will encounter roots, rocks and jumps. For each challenging feature there is always an option to forgo, making it a great trail for beginners. Watch out for walkers and disc golfers and be respectful of other trail users. Total trail length: ??

Capital View Park 

If you’re ready to take it up a notch from Veterans Park, head out to Capital View Park! Less refined than Veterans, but still well-maintained and with a combination of flowy and technical stuff. Very doable for the beginning rider while still offering some challenge and mileage for the advanced riders out there. 

Town Branch Trail 

Check out this new trail that goes straight through downtown Lexington! The Town Branch Trail is great for families and friends. Whether you’re just looking for a nice ride or a ride and coffee, this trail is the perfect fit!