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Mission and Value Statements

Our Mission and Values

Purpose: We believe we can improve people’s lives through bicycles.

Vision: We will get more people in our community on a bicycle, riding safely and experiencing the joy riding a bike brings. 

Mission: Our mission is to build relationships, empower others, and strengthen the community through the bicycle. We strive to meet every person where they are at and equip them with the necessary tools to exceed their goals. 


Pedal Power Employees are guided by

Honesty - In what we say and what we do we strive to be candid and sincere. Always do the right thing. 

Gratitude - We focus on the good in our lives and acknowledge that life, while not perfect, is good.

Humility - we never assume that we know everything. We ask questions and listen to others. 

Passion - we are excited about bikes, our work, and sharing what we do and love with others.